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Here is an interior render scene we did! This one is strictly to test lighting and realism. And how to make things and colors that go together.

Elegant Elegant

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New Artistic Websites!

Hey I just wanted to let you guys all know that we have launched a couple of new artistic websites.

If you’re interested in keeping up with us in the music world here’s our new music site Sovereign Zeal

And if you want to see some cool drawings here are two of our new art websites JohnDiMaria and Zeke DiMaria


So being a violinist and all, I decided it might be good to do a piece on the violin! And by piece I mean an “art piece” and not a piece of music! This one is more of a test of realistic lighting than anything. It’s suppose to mimic kinda that harsh vivid light effect you see all the time in noir films.

Violin)chrome Violin_col

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Ok, I know it’s been a really Really REALLY super long Long LONG time since we posted on this website:). But we have some intense stuff happening that’s been keeping us really busy!

Anyway, enough of the excuses;). Here’s a portrait we did as another test of details and composition. Portrait1